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Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha)  is a beautiful city located on the coast in the Eastern Cape Province and is known as the "Friendly City", with other towns in this district including Uitenage and Despatch.  Forming part of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha)​ has stunning beaches, historical museums and memorials, award-winning wildlife sanctuaries and super friendly people, making it a spectacular holiday destination.

The city is the fifth largest populated city in South Africa, and the second largest city in area. Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha) is also an important South African motor industry centre, and one of the country’s major seaports.

Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha)​, or PE as it is widely known as, has many attractions and activities to keep the whole family entertained.  PE is home to one of the country’s major airports making this part of South Africa easily accessible from all over the World.


Centrally located to many national parks proudly offering the Big Seven of the animal kingdom, Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha)​ is a popular stop-over and stay for those travelling inland.  Incorporating 40 kilometres of beaches, with protected swimming areas, PE is an excellent beach lovers paradise.  Boat-based whale watching trips are operated from the Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha)​ harbour, where depending on the type of year will depend on the type of whale seen!  Humpback, Southern Right and Bryde’s, are often spotted.

There are many historical and cultural representations worth seeing, from the South African Air Force Museum to the Donkin Reserve lighthouse.  St George’s Park is iconic to PE and home to the St George’s cricket oval.

You will find Route 67 here, a collection of 67 pieces of art celebrating Nelson Mandela’s years of being devoted to public life.  It is a mixture of visual arts with urban design and heritage.  Nelson Mandela’s metal figure stands tall in the Donkin Reserve, symbolically leading the voting line of South Africans to the first democratic election.

The multi-purpose, multi-tiered Nelson Mandela Stadium is an impressive legacy to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and is also well worth a visit.

With game parks, snake parks, predator parks, play parks, a casino and oceanarium - the ‘Park’ list is absolutely endless, and with 101 documented “things to do in Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha)​”.  Read interesting articles on PE and surrounds in the article section.


Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha) has an extension list of accommodation options available, from bed and breakfasts, guest houses, self-catering houses, game lodges, luxury hotels, camping and much more!  See the accommodation directory for options.  

Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha) is home to a large variety of restaurants, offering an array of delicious local and international cuisines to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a casual dining experience or a more upscale fare, there are plenty of places to eat in Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha). From traditional South African braai spots and seafood restaurants to trendy cafes and bakeries, there's something for everyone. 

The city has a thriving business community and provides a wide range of goods and services to its residents as well as surrounding communities and visitors. See our business directory for a list of businesses in Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha).


Top 10 family attractions in Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha)

  • The Boardwalk: The Boardwalk precinct is a bustling hub of entertainment, featuring restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. Families can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the promenade, indulge in delectable cuisine, or catch a live performance at the amphitheater.


  • Bayworld: Bayworld offers a fascinating blend of natural history, marine life, and cultural exhibits. Explore the museum's extensive collections, marvel at the marine life in the aquarium, or catch an educational show at the Snake Park.


  • Kragga Kamma Game Park: Embark on an exciting safari adventure at Kragga Kamma Game Park, home to a variety of indigenous wildlife species. Families can enjoy guided game drives, spot giraffes, rhinos, and zebras, and even hand-feed friendly giraffes.


  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum: Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of South African art at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum. Explore a diverse collection of contemporary and historical artworks, participate in interactive workshops, or simply admire the creativity on display.


  • Addo Elephant National Park: Just a short drive from Port Elizabeth lies the renowned Addo Elephant National Park, where families can encounter majestic elephants, lions, and other iconic African wildlife on thrilling game drives or guided walking safaris.


  • Donkin Reserve: Enjoy panoramic views of Port Elizabeth from the iconic Donkin Reserve, a historic public park featuring the striking Donkin Lighthouse and a collection of intriguing historical monuments.


  • The PE beaches: With its pristine sandy shores and sparkling blue waters, Port Elizabeth boasts some of South Africa's most beautiful beaches. Whether you're swimming, sunbathing, or building sandcastles, a day at the beach is always a hit with the whole family.


  • Cape Recife Nature Reserve: Discover the natural beauty of Cape Recife Nature Reserve, where families can explore scenic walking trails, spot diverse birdlife, and enjoy picnics amidst tranquil coastal landscapes.


  • St. George's Park: Escape to the heart of the city at St. George's Park, a verdant oasis offering playgrounds, botanical gardens, and recreational facilities perfect for a family day out.


  • SAMREC (South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre): Learn about marine conservation and rehabilitation efforts at SAMREC, where families can observe endangered African penguins up close and support ongoing conservation initiatives.


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